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The road can often feel like a hostile place full of traffic jams, road rage, and miscommunication. We're here to change that. MotorMood is an accessory for your car which lets you share goodwill with other drivers at night using a light-up happy face in your rear window.

If someone lets you into their lane, you can thank them by displaying the happy face; or you can use it to apologize for your own driving. It's a simple and fun way to make the road a happier and safer place.


The face is turned on by a small remote control that attaches to your car's sun visor just like a garage door opener. Activation is safe and simple with one easy-to-use button. After 12 seconds the face automatically turns off, and you can continue driving knowing you made the road a better place.


We'll be launching our product on Kickstarter soon! Leave us your email address to receive updates and find out when you can buy a MotorMood happy face. Together we can make driving a little more human and a lot more happy!


Arman Bastani, Engineering; Kina De Santis, Marketing; Jesse Kramer, President; Alex Sewell, Vice President


MotorMood is a startup based at the LaunchLabs Incubator in Orange, California. Our mission is to make the road a happier and safer place.


303 W Palm Ave
Orange, CA 92866