Introducing MotorMood
A better way to say thanks on the road

Say thanks on the road

The road can often feel like a hostile place full of traffic jams and miscommunication. We're here to change that! MotorMood is an accessory for your car which lets you say thanks to other drivers using a remote controlled light-up happy face in your rear window.

Just a single push of a button

MotorMood is ridiculously easy to use! A single push of the remote button lights up the happy face for 6 seconds before it automatically turns off. And, most importantly, you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Installs in 30 seconds

The face attaches to the inside of your car's rear window using removable adhesive clips. If you want to switch colors or change the batteries, the face easily slides out.

Right where you need it

The remote slides onto your sun visor just like a garage door opener. It's easy to reach but doesn't get in your way. And of course, everything is wireless and battery powered.


We've spent untold hours fine tuning the engineering and design to make your experience fun, safe, and simple. Here are some of the features that make MotorMood great.

Changeable Faces

With just a twist of the face's outer ring you can insert new colors. Initial colors are blue, pink, and green.


Infrared communication between the face and remote ensures a reliable and battery saving experience.

Backlit Remote

An LED on the back of the remote casts a soft light on your car's sun visor to let you know how long the face stays lit up.

Battery Powered

The face uses four AA batteries and the remote uses one coin cell. Batteries last 6 months.

LED Backlit Display

MotorMood uses a special LED light-guide display to create a colorful vibrant image.

Optimized for Night

We've optimized the display's brightness for nighttime use when simple hand waves aren't visible.


How it Works Video




Jesse is an entrepreneur and designer. He came up with the idea for MotorMood while sitting in rush hour traffic on the notorious 405 freeway in Los Angeles.



Alex is a lifelong entrepreneur who's worked in a variety of industries. His passion is research and using what he finds to solve problems using simple solutions.



Kina's a consummate networker and connector. Besides directing marketing at MotorMood, she's an advocate for the Orange County startup ecosystem.



Arman's the founder of Oval Integration, a prototyping lab in Costa Mesa, California. He's a master of all things technical including electrical, mechanical, and software engineering.

  • "MotorMood is like status updates for your car, giving you a safe and easy way to share your feelings with other drivers."


  • "Conveying your feelings to neighbouring vehicles on the road usually involves abrupt lane changes, flipping the bird, or weighing down on the horn, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Motor Mood aims to change our on-road interactions."

    - Gear Hungry

  • "A group of entrepreneurs is looking to give drivers a safer way to convey their emotions on the road. Their remedy: emoticons mounted in car windows to broadcast driver moods."


  • "The purpose of showing our car emotions is to make us "a little more human" while making driving "a lot more fun."

    Akihiko Tse - Trend Hunter


"We shall never know all the good
a simple smile can do."

- Mother Teresa

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